My Laptop 2008 - 2014.

This is my first laptop, Touchmart TX2. I named it Dhenryian. It's HP by brand and I bought it Dec 2008. I really love this laptop. It's the first generation of HP touchscreen come tablet. The monitor is adjustable and it can be turned clockwise, screen facing up to become a tablet.

This is my second laptop The Iconia W5 and I named her Nedelicious the 2nd. It's Acer by brand. It's a device with 3 modes; a tablet, a laptop and everything else, haha. I find it extremely portable and I love how it fits my on-the-lane lifestyle. 

My favourite, The Acer Aspire R7, it's gigantically big for a laptop but I love it. In fact, I'm using it right now. It has a wide screen 15.6 inch, a bit strange in physical but fundamentally speaking, a great ultrabook. I named her Nedelicious the 3rd.

I am no computer expert. I bought them because I love them. I also have 2 desktops, one an Acer PC of 2003 and an All-In-One Dell, which was bought by a friend of mine a week ago. Below is the picture of my Dell. I love her dearly because it has occupied me during my postgraduate studies but I have to let her go because I didn't get to really spend much time with her anymore. She's at my other house and I'm living in another house now. BTW, her name was Nedelicious the 1st.

© Copyright Anak Jagung


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