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Gone But Not Forgotten - We Will Miss You...

Sorry guys. Wasn't able to update my blog this past few weeks. Last week was a tough week for me, personally. I lost a dearly beloved bestfriend and I still coundn't really gotten to over it. I did publish an entry where we last spent time together: The Elparanza Soft Reunion.

It was the last time I ever met her and we did stay in contact via calls, smses and friendster. She was a friendly-funny girl. We grew up together in UMS and spent time almost everyday together. It's a loss to her family, relatives and friends. I don't really know if I should really make an entry in this subject but I just want people to know that she's my besfriend and I will never forget her. This is my 'last' respect to her and I would like to share it with you.

These are some of her photos...

Veronieta Stephen Antau
06 June 1983 - 16 June 2008

I would like you guys to know that she's a very kind, warm-hearted girl. A funny but a very tough lady. She's beautiful, down-to-earth, soft spoken but can be really a competitor especially in Taekwondo. She's also a talented dancer, a good teacher, a caring daughter and sister and most of all, she is a loyal friend who never lets you down. She is my BESTFRIEND!
Her news of death was the headline of New Sabah Times' Sport Section : Taekwondo Exponent Killed In Crash dated the 18th of June, 2008. Her news also appeared in Daily Express' A big loss to Sabah's sports fraternity dated the same days.
Can you guys do me a favour? Can you please pray for her so that her soul will rest in peace? She might have gone but every now and then, she's in our heart and we will be missing her always.
I love you, Vero :( Rest in peace now...
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Sian dia ow..muda2 lagi kan? ba rilex ja ko Ned, turn dia tu. Turn kita nda tau just pray for her soul la...Keep in mind, God has plan and its better than ours...

hai..dah setahun dia meninggalkan kita kan..
i very miss her..she was loving, kindhearted,generous person..and the most important is,she was dedicated teacher..time kat sekolah dulu,kami slalu p kluar pekan..slu lepak kat rumah dia..she was caring teacher..kami memang rapat..time,ustaz bgtau yang dia accident..kmi smua tak percaya..including me..time kna announce yg dia dah x da..smua warga sekolah bagaikan tak percaya..i still rmember when i call her on her birthday..seminggu sebelum dia is very hurt for me to accept the truth..i very miss her a lot..may god bless her soul in peace..

huhu.... we will miss her deeply... :(

when i was in FB-ing...suddenly she crossed my mind..and tgerak hati tuk cari article pasal dia..then i fpund your blog... trus jak nangis..actually sy ex-student dia d SMK(A) Mohd Ali Ranau..we're too close..since both of us loved to u mentioned..she's a good dancer..yeah..i admitted that... i miss her so much.. the best moment in my life with her..bila kami dlm kmpulan yg sma msa aktiviti hari guru.. may her soul rest in peace..Amin..

i miss much..its been almost 2 years now..GBU

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