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Anakjagung and His Debates Experience!

Sunday, March 29, 2009
I can't believe myself. I never see myself in participating debates. That's just not me. But, I finally did! And now, we're going for the National Teachers' Debates In Kedah!

NICE introduction I must say, hahaha. It was really an educating experience. And no, I had never participated in any debates competition before. I am a baby in these things but I did learn a lot. From the training and the actual competition in Keningau, I was mesmerized how people actually has the passion for debates. Well, I am not debate-material to be exact but it's nice to play with words, able to 'persuade' people to think like you and most of all, winning!

Gosh, I have to be frank, it caused my nerves up and down. Being the first speaker from the opposition team really put the pressure on. I was 'finding' my words here and there. It seems like, I can't remember anything. Damn man, I was so nervous that I stumbled off my words. I really think that I had humiliated myself infront of the audience. But being in the team, I reminded myself over and over again that I have to do my best. I want to win. We have been working hard and sacrificing our holidays just for the debates.

And God's blessing, yes, we had won the competition. And now were going for the national competition in Kedah. The competition in Keningau really taught me to be really competitive. I really learnt a lot from the other teams. And infact guys, the reigning 'queen' for last year competition was from Sabah. From Keningau to be exact! Not only that they have won the state level competition which was held in my very own Kota Marudu last year, they also won the National Debates! Pround to be a Sabahan, hahaha. They must be so good. Tidak sempat minta tips2 daripada diorang sebab segan betul ni. Ada cakap2 sikit dengan diorang tapi tidak lamalah, huhu.

Now, it's our turn. Twice the work, twice the effort, twice the pressure. We will try to do the best and make Sabah proud, again.

I've snapped a series of photos throughout the competition but I left my Dhenry (the name of my camera) at home. Will share it in my next entries okay.

Bah, need to continue my reading and research for the debates now. Changes in format. Matilah ni... huhuhu...
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One Down, Plenty To Go...

Thursday, March 12, 2009
Sorry for not updating the blog for quite a long time now. As always, I was cope up with so many things. Recently, we have this English In Camp in our district and I am one of the Secretariat. It's really troublesome but I like and enjoy what I'm doing. Despite that our school might be not as competitive as other established school in the district, one of our students managed to be the Best Male Camper. Really proud of the students and in a way, I do think that all the hardwork really paid off. I can't upload the EIC photos at the moment, but I will do it as soon as I get the it. One down, but still, plenty to go.

Tentatively, I still have the debate competition going on. It will be held 24th-26th of Mac and also the English Carnival 1st-3rd of April, plus most probably I will be sitting for my BTN in Kundasang somewhere in April.

My school also, will be having its annual MAPC (Majlis Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang) somewhere in April and still, my task is to train the Choir Group.

Basically, I am all cope up these few weeks but I will not be reluctant to do what are entrusted in my hands. Although I must say that I am exhausted almost all the time, when you see that, though only in small particles of success, it will be all paid off. At least, I will make sure that all my hardwork is a satisfaction to be remembered..
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