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A Day At One Borneo

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Browsing around One Borneo for the first time feels like I was walking in Midvalley+KLCC+MBK (Mambungkrong Complex). Although the place is still under construction, it really feels great to have such a place in our beloved Land Below The Wind.

Yes, it might not be the greatest building in Malaysia, but hey, we have the least of that here and we should be proud of it. I know I am.
These are some of the photos that I took via my handphone..

The way to the parking lot

Ground floor...

Coupon counter - you need to change your cash to
coupons before dining - similar to MBK, Bangkok
The view of the food court..
From western to Asian, from contemporary cooking to traditional cuisines

How the coupon looks like..

Personal favourite - Vegetarian food...

Anyone care for a Marry-go-round? hehehe

We don't have any roller coaster, yet, but we have this...

This is like a muzium.. To enter, you have to pay, when you're in, sad, it's actually more to a shop. I mean, they sell things. I don't get this kind of shop sometimes...

Yeah, ask before you enter - then you know

This view look similar to KLCC

GSC for seats of movies..

Movies anyone?

This is how GSC looks like from side view

Way to the ground floor..
Experiencing the view..
Ok, this doesn't amazed me much but, yeah, there's always room for an Oreo Cheese Cake

Another view to be viewed, hahaha...
The stage..

There are a few shopping complex that are still under construction and I am certainly looking forward to 'feel' the existence of KK Times Square!
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KE Gath Lagi...

Sunday, June 22, 2008
Nombor 1.
Blogger boleh mengusulkan apa saja persoalan asalkan tidak menghina, menghasut ataupun memalukan dalam konteks umum. Tapi, siapa yang makan cili, dialah yang terasa pedas!

Nombor 2.
Adalah menjadi kebebasan untuk memilih tempat duduk, mengikut kehendak seseorang.

Nombor 3.
KE Gath patut dihormati dan aksi-aksi seperti itu tidak patut dilakukan.

Nombor 4.
Sebagai seorang yang dewasa dan sepatutnya berfikiran matang, apakah pandangan anda bila anda melihat aksi itu pada majlis-majlis seperti KE Gath?

Nombor 5.
Ini adalah blog saya. Dan SAYA berhak menulis apa yang saya kehendaki dalam blog saya!

Kepada KE Gath, saya tidak bermaksud memalukan ataupun mengembar gemburkan cerita ini. Apa yang ditulis dalam blog ini adalah satu pandangan jujur dan ikhlas daripada saya. Saya memohon kemaafan sekiranya entry KE Gath 6 June 2008 itu bersifat negatif tetapi saya hanya bermaksud menasihati dan memberi teguran.

Saya tidak jugalah mahu memanjang cerita ini jadi cukup di sini. Saya akan tetap menyokong KE Muzik sebab ianya muzik tempatan, muzik Sabah, muzik orang kita dan tentunya muzik saya.
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Gone But Not Forgotten - We Will Miss You...

Saturday, June 21, 2008
Sorry guys. Wasn't able to update my blog this past few weeks. Last week was a tough week for me, personally. I lost a dearly beloved bestfriend and I still coundn't really gotten to over it. I did publish an entry where we last spent time together: The Elparanza Soft Reunion.

It was the last time I ever met her and we did stay in contact via calls, smses and friendster. She was a friendly-funny girl. We grew up together in UMS and spent time almost everyday together. It's a loss to her family, relatives and friends. I don't really know if I should really make an entry in this subject but I just want people to know that she's my besfriend and I will never forget her. This is my 'last' respect to her and I would like to share it with you.

These are some of her photos...

Veronieta Stephen Antau
06 June 1983 - 16 June 2008

I would like you guys to know that she's a very kind, warm-hearted girl. A funny but a very tough lady. She's beautiful, down-to-earth, soft spoken but can be really a competitor especially in Taekwondo. She's also a talented dancer, a good teacher, a caring daughter and sister and most of all, she is a loyal friend who never lets you down. She is my BESTFRIEND!
Her news of death was the headline of New Sabah Times' Sport Section : Taekwondo Exponent Killed In Crash dated the 18th of June, 2008. Her news also appeared in Daily Express' A big loss to Sabah's sports fraternity dated the same days.
Can you guys do me a favour? Can you please pray for her so that her soul will rest in peace? She might have gone but every now and then, she's in our heart and we will be missing her always.
I love you, Vero :( Rest in peace now...
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People, We Need Your Help!

Thursday, June 12, 2008
Urgent! Please help us find this girl
Go to Bobby's blog to further read and you will understand why we need to work together to find this girl, his youngest sister
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KE Gath (6th June 2008)

Thursday, June 12, 2008
Guess who? Hehehehe

First of all, I want to say congratulation to the organizer of the gath. It was indeed a fun, enjoying and what's the word, 'educating' experience to be able to be a part of the gath. The gath was held at Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon, 5th of June, 2008. Started earlier, we're only there a few minutes after 9pm maybe.

Won myself Terry's Melting Pot Album - Cool album I should say - kepenatan menari shuffle yang sa nda2 tau ni

Upon our arrival, people were already drinking and singing and of course having fun. Met a few of our very own local KaDus singers - Clare Petrus Edwin, Ateng, Danny, Vincent, Terry (presented me his very own 'Melting Pot' album), Betsy Michael, Justin, Fredo KDM etc... Yeah, it was great meeting and spending sometime with them. Even met with some of our blogger friends like Bobby, Smallville, lihing81, Gidong (the Mr. Kaamatan), Fredo KDM again etc...

Vince and Betsy duet lagu Ceritera CInta

Some of them were not that of stranger to me like Gidong, Lihing, Betsy, Clare, Vince as memang kenal diorang ni dari dulu lagi.

Some of the guys, hehehe.. nakal...

To make it as a posting, honestly, the gath was great. The place was prefect and the MC was entertaining as well. The games were good and enjoying and the presents were cool. It's not like always you got a free album ok. In my case, won myself Terry Peter's Pot Melthing Album. Participated in a few game - the sumazau and the shuffle -


I think the Mr. Kaamatan contest was the climax of the gath but not the end of the gath. The jurors ended up picking Gidong as Mr. Kaamatan of the KE gath this year, as I expected. Congrats to him again.

Ateng and I...

We left early that night, about, nearing 1am I think, but the place was still crowded. One reason was because, my cousin and I, will have an early call the next morning and because, sorry to say, it happened that, a few people had been an anti-climax to the gath. Somehow somewhere, people were doing their own things and some, boldly, did something that was extremely disturbing. I mean, it's not the organizers' fault as every soul that night should know how to put discipline to their very best, regardless how drunk and how daring brave they were.

This is the KE gath we're talking about and as a fellow Kadus supporter, even if it was my first time in joining in, I don't think it's appropriate for that certain people to behave in a such a way. At least, not there, not that time and certainly, not in front of the public! To those who was there reading this , they will certainly know what I am talking about.

Finalists Mr. Kaamatan ...

Nah, c gidong yang mo kana tuba suda ni sebab dia menang Mr. Kaamatan... hehehehe

Nevetheless, I still support the KE industry. A few people doesn't reflect nor does is represent the KE community in general but I just hope, things like what happened the other night, would not be happening again...
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Anak Jagung's Calender

Wednesday, June 04, 2008
It may seems fun and enjoying but holidays without appropriate planning can bring to the worst boredoom ever! As these past weeks had been great, talking about my holidays, I would like to share my calender within these 2 weeks.

24th May - Pesta Kaamatan Kota Marudu
30th May - Family Gathering Tambunan
31st May - KDCA Hongkod (*)
2nd June - Airport
6th June - KE Gath (*)
7th June - Papar (*)
9th June - Back to work

The marked (*) indicated 'subject to change'... hehehe....

Actually, I just want to write something in my blog. Due to the time constraint that I face now, I hardly able to update my blog. So much to do yet so little time to spend...
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