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It's Merdeka!

Monday, August 30, 2010
“When Tunku declared ‘Merdeka’, I had goose bumps. For a moment I felt that time stood still. I saw thousands in the stadium echoing Tunku’s shouts of ‘Merdeka’. I too joined in the chorus."

- George Pauloveree, The Star.

I rest my case.

Embrace our Merdeka Malaysians!

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Id Sulap...

Monday, August 30, 2010
Sepoi-sepoi bahasa
Pagi-pagi dan petang-petang di sana.

Kadang-kadang terhidu haruman asam-asam masin
tidak sedap,
tapi terpaksalah diterima juga.

Pertama kali melangkah,
Semangat terus meledak. Nyata.

Sedikit terpinggir di luar hutan-hutan batu,
waktu malamnya sunyi dan sepi.
Kadang-kadang bunyi angin menampar pipi,
dahi, dan juga rambut.

Di Wangsa ini,
atau, di pijakan yang setakat ada ini,
Di sinilah kebodohanku,
Di sinilah jugala kebijaksanaanku,
Kalau ada.
Tapi di sinilah juga rumahku,
Id Sulap.

Jennedy Pungawon
3.04 a.m.
30 Ogos 2010
Taman Wangsa Maju, Telipok

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Winner Miss Universe 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After back to back winner from Venezuela, a new country walked with the Miss Universe Crown. Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico, has been crowned Miss Universe 2010 and they are surely celebrating in Mexico tonight. The top four runner ups were Venus Raj Miss Phillipines, Anna Poslavska Miss Ukraine, Jesinta Campbell Miss Australia and Yendi Phillips Miss Jamaica.

The Top 15 were: Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Ukraine, Miss Mexico, Miss Belgium, Miss Ireland, Miss South Africa, Miss France, Miss Australia, Miss Jamaica, Miss Russia, Miss Albania, Miss Colombia, Miss Guatemala, Miss Czech Republic and Miss Philippines. Although Miss Philippines got the loudest cheer and applause when she was called in the semi-final round but the crown went to Miss Mexico eventually.

Other awards given were Miss Congeniality going to Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell, with Miss Photogenic going to Miss Thailand, and Miss Thailand also won the Best National Costume Award.

Congratulation Mexico!

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