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Error in my Blog II

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
I finally found out what's wrong with my blog. As you guys have recognized, my post appeared in boxes. In my current setting, I've set 30 boxes to appear as the index or home of my blog. But as you guys have also realized, it doesn't appear in that way anymore. So I've been trying to find out what actually happened to my blog and boom, I've finally have the answer.

Okay, so my blog appeared in boxes, that you know. But, as a single post, the longer it gets, the more space that it will need thus, in a way, 'stealing' space from the index or home. And previously, I have been uploading more photos and therefore, 'invades' my current setting. This bothers me a lot actually but there's nothing I can do about it except if I change the template again, in which, I don't want to do because I like this template, huhu.

Hence, as I try to figure out things, if you guys are interested in checking out my previous post, please click 'older posts'. There's actually many 'hidden' posts that you guys might missed because of the 'error in my blog thingy'.

So yeah, I think that's about it for today. Have a nice day now, okay :)

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Sabah International Folklore Festival (SIFF) 2010 - Peace Through Culture

Monday, July 26, 2010
Everyone in the office seems to be busy with their own things today. I, in the other hand, am a bit free since I have settled my work when I arrive at the office early in this morning. With nothing to do, I decided to upload some of the photos I took this weekend.

So ok, I was at the 5th Sabah International Folklore Festival (SIFF) last night, an annual event organized by the Sabah Tourism Board as a means to promote, preserve and develop traditions and cultures both the national and international region. The first SIFF was in year 2001 and was organised in conjunction with the Colours of Malaysia Month and Kaamatan Festival, a harvest fiesta by the largest ethnic group in Sabah namely the Kadazandusuns. So please take your time to glance at these photos. It's a bit crowdy this time but I guess it's okay. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words :)



India - These girls are all under the age of 12 years old and you guys know how tricky it is to learn the Indian Folklore dances


The Republic Of The Philippines - I find this dance similar to the Magunatip of the Murut


Saudi Arabia

Taiwan - The winner of the 5th SIFF, 2010


I personally love the performance by this particular group. These dancesr are actually from the Bundit Pattanasilpa Institute, one of the many formal institute to preserve the traditions and cultures of the Thais.


People Republic of China



Special performance from Saudi Arabia

From one layer of 'skirt' till the 4th one. The guy kept on spinning from the beginning of the dance until the end.

Curtain call performance by the Sabah Cultural Dancers

The Combined Drum Performance

I realized that both younger generations and the more mature dancers, I would preferably call it, took the stage with passion and love for the dance of their countries. I used to dance before and I could feel the excitement to have become the little ambassadors for each respective countries. Although I only managed to attend the finale of SIFF, it refreshed my mind on how I miss dancing and being able to present different dances as a mean to preserve the tradition.

Peace Through Culture. I rest my case.

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Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), Cultural Village, Sarawak

Thursday, July 22, 2010
So yeah, this is kinda late to be posted. Right after I came back from my trip to Kuching, Sarawak, I received a letter of transfer so I was a little bit coped up with my work. Having to settle everything in one week, I was pretty much on my sleeves.

But yes, now I have the time to steal a portion of my time to upload some of the photos I managed to take.

These were the people 'involved' in the trip

Caught in action

Model of the day :)

This was actually my first time witnessing the magnificent performances from all over the world and indeed, I was quite satisfied with what I saw. Not the first time in Cultural Village but first time for the RWMF. We were there since 10 in the morning, checking as many traditional houses and capturing the moment as much as possible. Most of us are photographers by hobby, if I must tell you guys.

Marking their spot :)

Spectacular view from this angle. I like :)

Trying the traditional boat

A tourist trying her skill on pottery

Women's voice of the world; love their spontaneous act

By noon, Dewan Lagenda, Iban Long House and The Theatre were the three places where workshops were held. I managed to watch three workshops of my likings. Women's voices of the world, Men's voices of the world and The Russian Folklore Dance Workshop.

Trying the Russian Folklore dance :)

Sape (a traditional guitar) player. Love the music so much

One of the 'scene' which caught my attention. I think the lady is beautiful with her apparel

Men's voice of the world. One of my favourite workshop

Hahaha.. Andy with Yer Bo Li from China :)

The night performances were a interesting one too. Sitting on a mat I first assumed, prepared for us, but later were 'cast' out when the real owner suddenly claimed it back, we had pretty good view of both Stage 1 and stage 2 where performances will showcased. Even though the field (they call it the wet dance floor) was quite muddy at that time, it doesn't stop the viewers from dancing on it.

The United Islands. Love the energetic performance

Croatian Ladies

France taking the stage

Performance from the Land of the Rising Sun

Afghanistan trio

The most of it, I enjoyed my trip. Despite the fact that the food in Sarawak are actually cheaper than most of the state in Malaysia, I found it the other way round in Cultural Village. I don't really mind because I clearly saw the reason why, but I just hope there will be more cafe there with at least a decent of lunch and dinner.

Rain is expected; hence the name – it's totally an experience of different kind with fun-filled atmosphere and a stadium-like mountain which gallows the muddy dance floor. People seem not to mind of the mud but who came out clean and dry to something known as Rainforest World Music Fest? Hahaha... I didn’t. I had so much fun, can’t wait for the next year’s RWMF.

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