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Guys, Check This Out!

Saturday, February 21, 2009
Okay, I dont usually do this but I am actually doing a favour for my cousins. They have their own boutique, an online one call
StyLe Bytes of Alverina Adsone Avonnie Almond and they sell dresses and gowns mostly.

I don't really know how to describe the stuffs they sell but from what I can see, it's indeed catchy and erm, elegance guaranted I must say. It's still a new business and I can really see the hard work while browsing their boutique. So guys, please check that boutique okay. Just click the this and you'll see what I'm talking about. Btw, it's an account in Facebook so you need to have an account to browse the boutique. Well, everyone has facebook now so there should be no problem. These are some of the things they are selling. All the details regarding delivery are clearly stated and all you guys have to do is order it, hehehe.

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Another Thing From My Barait!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
This will be short and clear. I hate wars and I hate to see blood. Even the tinest of it. But as we are aware of the Gaza War and how our media encourage the Malaysian Community to make donation, I just want these few questions of mine to be thinked about. Doesn't the Israelis suffer too? Were there no death among the Israelis because of this war? This doesn't mean I'm not taking side okay. I just want to say what's on my mind.

Like what we were always told, the US is a very close 'friend' of Israel. But, are all people in the US are as cruel as told?

That brings me to my last question. Do we hate war or the people who does it? If we hate the people who does it, then don't hate the country as a whole. But if we hate war, do not condemn people by its race! I strongly believe, not all the Israelis community like what is happening now. I know I don't!
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Selongkar Tu Barait...

Saturday, February 14, 2009
Malangnya barait saya tidak kosong. Ada banyak barang di sana. Ada barang jahat, ada juga yang kita panggil barang2 bagus. Yalah, sudah nama dia barait. Bikin simpan barang. Jadi, saya ingin juga menegur pendapat orang yang bercakap2 pasal valentine yang seolah2 mengatakan bahawa valentine ini hanya untuk orang yang bercinta. Pada masa itulah hantar bunga, cokelat, gula2 etc pada kesayangan kita. Bagus tu. Bagus sekali dan dua kali. Tiga empat kali pun bagus juga.

Soalan saya, jadi tidak istimewaka hantar bunga, cokelat, gula2 etc kalau kena bagi bukan pada valentine? Yalah, kalau ikut formaliti, bagus juga ada hari kasih sayang ini. Macam satu tarikh keramatlah untuk orang2 yang bercinta.

Tapi bila saya selongkar2 barait saya, saya dapat satu benda. Valentine is similarly to love and it's indeed a celebration of love. The why so narrow the thinking? Celebrate it with everyone you love. Bukan pada kekasih ja, tapi pada parents kita, pada adik beradik kita, kazen2 kita, pada sahabat jauh dan dekat kita, pada kawan2 kerja kita even kita punya binatang peliharaan (hahahaha)...

Oleh yang demikian, marilah kita menyambut valentine bersama. Bukan hari ini ja tapi setiap hari.

Have A Love-cherished Valentine
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Clip of the Month

Friday, February 13, 2009
Guys, I was watching Oprah the other day and discover a very interesting and educating clip from youtube. It's a clip of Andrew Johnston, one of the contender and finalist of Britain's Got Talent. I won't explain more but please spare some time to watch this clip. You won't regret it. It teaches me so many things and I take every seconds of this clip as education. Hope you guys will enjoy and learn things from this clip, as much as I do..

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