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Friday, June 24, 2011
Pencil : I’m sorry...

Eraser : For what? You didn’t do anything wrong.

Pencil : I’m sorry because you get hurt because of me. Whenever I made a mistake, you’re always there to erase it. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You get smaller and smaller each time.

Eraser : That’s true. But I don’t mind. You see, I was made to do this. I was made to help. But whether or not you are making a mistake, as long as you are working, you are becoming shorter too.

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A Day's Thought

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
I wish they would stop. Just stop. Just stop thinking that this is easy on me. Because I won't be gone for a long time. Because it's fully paid. Because it's a scholarship.

The truth of the matter is, this is not easy.
Personal loan, car loan, housing loan. Not to mention the new environment. And, they don't even know what full salary means? I just need someone to sit with me and try to understand what I am on now. Leaving what I am used to here. My mom, my family, friends and love ones. I am still thinking whether or not I am going to bring Nedelicious along but, I guess a day's thought is a day's thought.

I just wish people would try to be more understanding. That's all.

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Uncle Tua Itu

Tuesday, June 07, 2011
-Ko tingu ba tu urang tua. Punya kesian.

Si Dan melihat sekejap. Seorang tua berjalan perlahan melintasi gerai kami. Dengan selamba, sambil memikul bag pack hitam yang usang.

- Kalau saya tu, nda saya kasi bapa sa jalan-jalan seturang begitu. Sudahlah bertungkat saja.

- Ada bah kali anak-anak dia berjalan-jalan di sekitar sini. Si Dan cuba membetulkan cara fikir saya.

- Yalah, tapi janganla ba kasi biar bapa derang berjalan-jalan begitu seturang. Kesianlabah.

Di depan kami, seorang lelaki tua yang rambutnya sudah putih malah jarang-jarang sudah, bertongkat kaki empat. Entah apa nama tongkat begitu. Berjalan perlahan sambil memerhati keadaan sekeliling. Berhenti sekali-sekali, mungkin mengambil nafas. Orang belum ramai lagi jadi kami dapat melihat lelaki tua itu berjalan perlahan melintasi booth kami kemudian berjalan lagi sehingga hilang dari pandangan. Matahari mula menunjukkan kuasanya.


- Adoi, punya ramai orang ni... Panas lagi. Saya mengeluh sambil mengipas muka.
- Ko tingu ba tu urang tua tadi... Si Dan tiba-tiba menegur saya. - Ko tingu apa dia pigang?

Saya memerhati. Lelaki tua yang pagi tadilah. Sekarang sudah memegang plastik warna merah yang besar. Dia perlahan-lahan melintasi booth kami sekali lagi. Tapi pelanggan terlalu ramai. Tidak dapat tengok sangat lelaki tua itu.


- Nah, ko tingu apa lagi dia pigang tu. Si Dan tiba-tiba menegur saya lagi.

Lelaki tua itu, buat kali ketiga, berjalan perlahan sekali lagi melintasi booth kami. Berjalan santai. Perlahan. Dengan tambahan satu lagi beg plastik besar ditangan.

Kali ini, saya melihat dengan perlahan juga....

Sedangkan dia berjalan di tengah panas, perlahan, bertongkat sambil memegang dua beg plastik besar, dengan bag pack hitam di belakang lagi, saya, di bawah khemah yang dilindungi dari pancaran matahari, mengeluh kepanasan dan kepeluhan dan kepenatan, seakan sangat tidak logik bila melihat situasi lelaki tua itu berbanding saya. Dia berjalan perlahan seperti mahu menunjukkan sesuatu. Kemudian hilang di kalangan banyak orang.

Terus saya bangun dari tempat duduk:
"t-shirt buliba kalau kau.. beg.. keychain... sticker... buliba kalau kau!"

(Terima kasih uncle... uncle suda kasi sedar saya banyak hal!)

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Suatu Hari Baru-baru ini...

Tuesday, June 07, 2011
Panasnya hati saya bila kereta di depan tidak bergerak-gerak sedangkan lampu trafik suda hijau.

Kalau bukan sebab terlupa handphone di rumah, manalah saya akan buat U-turn balik, memecut sehingga 140. Rupanya stuck depan traffic light lagi. Sudahlah aliran traffic jam lebih kurang 500m jauhnya, sampai sahaja satu kereta sebelum traffic light, tidak pula bergerak-gerak kereta yang satu tu di depan.

-Apahal lagi ni? Bisik saya sendiri.

-Kalau rosak, sudah lebih kurang 5 minit tidak keluar pun dari kereta. Biasanya, kalau kereta rosak, tuan punya kereta akan keluar, buka bonet enjin, tanda kereta rosak. Ini tidak pun. Fikir saya lagi. Rasa panas mula menguasai diri.

Kereta di belakang pun tidak berhenti hon. Sudah. Habis. Naik 1000% amarah sebab flight akan berlepas dalam masa 40 minit lagi! Panik.

Saya keluar dari kereta dengan lancarnya menuju ke kereta di depan. MyV SE Auto. Dengan marahnya berkata:

-Bos, kenapa tidak jalan-jalan lagi ni?! Orang mahu cepat! Tengok kereta di belakang! Saya berkata separuh menjerit sambil menoleh ke belakang, melihat kereta-kereta yang terstuck.

- Minta maaf encik. Kaki saya kebas tiba-tiba... Minta maaf encik. Saya betul-betul tidak sengaja.

Seorang lelaki dalam lingkungan 50-an keluar dari kereta sambil menyumpah-nyumpah dirinya.

Tangan kirinya kudung. Kaki kirinya kudung.

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I Copy Paste Erna Mahyuni Because She's That Good!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

This is not my writing but because I love it so much, I decided to copy paste it to my blog. Source is respectively stated below.

A guide to West Malaysians for Sabahans

June 01, 2011

JUNE 1 — Since I have written a guide for West Malaysians about Sarawak, perhaps it is only fair I write about Sabah. But writing “Sabah 101” seemed boring so I flipped it around and now here’s a handy reference for Sabahans dealing with the influx of West Malaysians thanks to AirAsia.

1. Most West Malaysians really don’t remember September 16, 1963, and when asked, will only remember that “Malaysia gained its independence in 1957.” Don’t blame them; blame our badly-written history textbooks. Incidentally, they were written by West Malaysians.

2. West Malaysian Muslims are a lot more uptight than the ones in Sabah. If you take them to a soto stall that is situated outside a Chinese coffee shop, don’t be offended if they refuse to eat in fear of the food not being halal (kosher). If they are Malay and Muslim, make sure the eatery has a halal signboard.

3. Expect them to be very nosy about what race or religion you are. If you happen to look Chinese but greet them with the Muslim salam or you look Malay and are eating pork in front of them, prepare for either looks of shock or ones of taking offence. West Malaysians seem to get offended easily, for some reason. (Proof can be found in the comments of my columns, funnily enough written by people in West Malaysia)

4. Some of them will ask really stupid questions. Just smile and blame, again, our education system. What else are they supposed to think when the only references to Sabah and Sarawak in textbooks are usually illustrated by pictures of natives in traditional costumes?

5. Even if they have landed in Kota Kinabalu, they might still forget that Kuching is not in Sabah. Resist urge to make fun of their poor grasp of geography. Besides, that’s my job.

6. They can’t even get tapai and tuak straight either. So if they ask you for the latter, smile and suggest they look for the heady beverage in Sarawak. Say it gently, remember point three and five.

7. Also, a lot of West Malaysians regard tapai as a sour-smelling delicacy made out of either rice or tapioca. So if the nice Malay makcik enquires about tapai, she probably means that and not the locally beloved alcoholic beverage. Drunken Malay makciks are not pretty sights.

8. Put up with their griping about the need for immigration controls. And their whining about not being allowed to come and go in Sabah as they please. Remind them of the 20-point agreement. Make a joke about us being afraid they’ll come in and take all our timber. Then add, “Haha, but you already did!” Enjoy the peaceful silence.

9. They will also express shock at how rustic Kota Kinabalu is compared to Sabah. Just shrug and say that whatever money Sabah makes from oil and its natural resources all go to the federal revenue. Also that more than half of the people living below the poverty line come from Sabah.

10. If they ask why East Malaysians like to drink a lot and even make it part of our culture, remind them of point nine.

11. West Malaysians cannot quite work their head around the many tribes in Sabah as the local propaganda and tourism paraphernalia in West Malaysia make it seem like most Malaysians are generally Malay, Chinese or Indian. Again, our education system sucks. As does our information ministry.

12. West Malaysians from rural areas are really sheltered, and thanks to that, are prone to saying stupid things. One example: “The Greg Typhoon in Sabah was caused by sinful Sabahans having wild parties and the storm was God’s punishment.” I was told this by a pious Malay girl from Kedah. Refrain from punching said people in the mouth. They really don’t know any better and also read too much Mastika.

13. For some reason, people from West Malaysia think Harian Metro, Mastika and Utusan print truth and not fiction.

So be gentle with our fellow Malaysians from the peninsula. Sabah and Sarawak have long been a distant mystery, the cash cows and fixed deposit of the federal government. Now that West Malaysians are beginning to realise that we are just as civilised as they are, they might not take us quite as much for granted.

But it’s still fun making fun of them.

* The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist.

Writer: Erna Mayhuni

Source : TheMalaysianInsiderLink

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