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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Okay, I admit it. I don't blog as much as I did before. Been blogging since 2003 and actually, anakjagung is my 3rd blog. I deleted the 1st two blogs because early at those time, I want to 'isolate' my different entries for different things. Because writing is one of my favourite thing to do, then I have my 1st blog as a non-fiction kinda thing and the 2nd one, was more to academic writing. However, not that long when I realized that it's only a pain in the ass! Hahaha... then come this, them i decided to delete the 1st two blogs and focus more unto this blog...

And okay, I admit it again that I don't know what to write now. It must be the writer's block passing by now, huhuhu... Seriously, don't know what to update here...

Been a bit under the weather a few days before and still feeling it now. Still raining every now and then here in KM but things are better now then before. A little bit busy now and much of my time, like always, sitting on my bed. My room is my own little world, which I like so much. Minus, it's hot at times..

Okaylah, just want to let you guys know that I am still, pretty much, alive!
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Flood In Kota Marudu (iii) - Worst Case Scenario

Saturday, January 17, 2009
Macam Trilogi LOTR pula ni ada series2, hehehehe. Okay, this one I call the worst case scenario because it never happen before and it affect not only small cars, but also big one. Ya betul ni. Yg foto2 banjir tu semua, yang 4W buli juga limpas ba tapi ada juga masa2 tertentu, yang diorang pun tidak buli limpas juga ni. Tula saya selalu berangan2 ada kereta besar macam tu, hehehe. Tapi nantilah - one fine moment, hehehe.

Okay, coming back to the heading, yeah, it's indeed the worst case scenario. Ini berlaku di Jalan Popok. Just look at these photos:

This happened early Friday morning. huhuhu....

People were anxious how this happen and went out of their car to see the slide.

Then come the DO of Kota Marudu. Bagus jugalah turun padang.. She's the lady wearing pink and PCK boots.

OMG, OMG... NI lah tu DO cakap bila dia nampak tu slide...

"So far, is there anybody hurt?" asked the DO. I was there at the time and I replied, "none that I know..."
"Buli tahanka ni kelapa ni?"
"Buli. Untuk orang limpas bah ni. Bukan kereta..."

The least I can say is, the road is the main road going to the town and bad luck I say, kami baru sahaja terputus hubungan dengan Kota Marudu, huhuhu. Bukan terputus betulla tapi kira kereta2 tidak dapat lalulah kan. Harap2 pihak2 berwajib akan cepat2 menyelesaikan masalah ni. Lagipun, rumah wakil rakyat N.5 Tandek adalah dengan melalui jalan yang sama!
*limpas - lalu
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Flood In Kota Marudu (II) - My School

Saturday, January 17, 2009
Ni pula kejadian di sekolah kami. Memang teruklah banjir ni kali. 1 minggu kami 'cuti'... Mesti ramai yang bilang siok kan? Tapi perlu ganti hari oooo... huhuhuhu....
The entrance to my school, huhuhuhu...

Our school field...

Saujana mata memandangka? Teruk betul... huhuhu..

Air masuk dalam pejabat lagi..

Pasrah kali ah...

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Flood In Kota Marudu (I)

Saturday, January 17, 2009
When you are approaching Kota Marudu Town, you will see the view of Padi fields both at your right and left. It's indeed a beautiful scenery to be seen but during the non-stop rain since late Sunday evening in Kota Marudu, it caused this...

I was driving from Langkon to the town when I saw this. I feel bad for the farmers but this happen all the time, every year. Then approaching home was a bad luck for me too. The road going back to my house was also flooded and it's just about 1 hour after I passed the same road!

This area is among the worst!

Completely vanished!

The flood is almost at the same level as the road in this area

I waited for hours for the water to subside but the rain just keep coming heavily until I decided to cat-walk myself back home...

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