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Help Haiti :(

Friday, January 29, 2010
I know it's a bit out of date to post this entry but still it's an on going thing that we can spend a little of our time to think about. A massive earthquake struck Haiti just before 5 p.m. on January 12. The quake was the worst in the region in more than 200 years. A preliminary assessment from Haiti's government put the body count at 150,000 on January 23rd. Now that's a big number guys. Imagine if it happened here, probably more that halp of Kota Kinabalu will be gone with the ashes (touch wood).

And yes, many people of the world had been paying their concern by donating money, food, clothes, medications etc, being a volunteers, also words of prayer, the least. In Hollywood, actor George Clooney had hosted a commercial-free telethon called Hope for Haiti presented to raise funds for victims of the earthquake and was aired on MTV, joined by Haitian Jean and other pop music and movie stars in the Hollywood.

Now, what are our part in this matter? What can we do? When I went to Kompleks Karamunsing last week, I saw a group of volunteers asking donations for Haiti. It made me smile to see this. I took out whatever I can afford from my wallet and inserted it inside their donation box. I don't mean to brag, I'm just sharing. Really wish I can do more.

And also, Facebook had came out a simple way for us to donate; simply by clicking. I don't know how they are going to do it and I don't care if there's fraud or cheating in this application. I just know that we are suppose to be giving 'it' sincerely and with open heart. What happen next, it's God's will. So guys, this is the least thing we can do, after prayer. Let's us together, help the poor Haitian. It's still not to late for us to play our part, as a part of the world.

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Kionsom Waterfall

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Kionsom waterfall; one of the weekend gateway spot for those who are residing in the city of Kota Kinalalu and its surrounding area. I should say, this place is cool. Last weekend, my close friends and I went to check the place out after not being there for quite sometimes now. At first, it was raining when we make our way but upon reaching, surprisingly, it was only drizzling there. I think, we were blessed. In this entry, I want to share with all of you, what it's like to be there :)

Wasn't the beautiful?

A fun shower :)

This is how the waterfall looks like

The B&W version of the waterfall

One of my close friend

Entah apa dia buat tu :p

Another friend of mine

Those who were there :)

Photography wise, I'm still learning and needed to improve more everytime. Place wise, beautiful :)

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My Sunset Collection

Saturday, January 23, 2010
I'm going to rest from writing the story of the death, if I may call it that, for a while. Hahaha. Thanks to all of you who had been reading and leaving comments. The next part will be uploaded from time to time and I do hope that you guys will take the time to glance at it. Writing has always been my passion since I know how to read and write so a very big thanks to all of you.

Latest, I was all coped with so many things and I seriously need a time of my own. I was browsing my photo collections just now and I found these series of sunset photos. I love photography and I know most of you guys are too. I 'backpacked' my camera every where I go, wishing that I will find a moment in which I can relate to myself. These are my sunset collection. by the way. It can also be viewed at Nedelicious Photo Journal.

From Simpang Mengayau (Tips of Borneo), Kudat, Sabah.

Another sunset view from the Tips of Borne0

I personally love this one. Also the view from the Tips of Borneo

This is the view from the green forest of Ulu Kukut. I was driving to KK when this moment holds infront of me and I just cannot helped myself but to stop and shoot it

Another view from Ulu Kukut

I'm still learning. Thanks to a bunch of cool friends, I learnt more every day.

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8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 9)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
The Revelation

- Wake up father.

I don’t know how long I’ve been lying on the floor till that voice woke me up. I felt so weak still but I force myself to stand.

- I passed out?
- Yes.
- How long?
- A single second in heaven is a thousand years on earth.

I regained my strength after hearing that. It’s something I learn long time ago. From the Bible, yes. But hearing it out from a child’s mouth seems absurd. This boy is something.

- Who are you again? What’s your name?
- Jimmy Adreal Junior and I am not you.
- Then what’s with the name?
- That’s the name you gave to me. I’m your son...
- My what?!

How could it be? I’m not married... Oh, did I?

The Drawings

As long as I can remember, which I am so sure of, I wasn’t married to anyone. If you claim that it might be from one of my girlfriends, then I beg to differ. I practiced safe sex. Not in my entire life did I sleep with anyone without proper, erm, protection. Yes, that’s the word. Oh you know what I mean. And don’t you dare say it’s a sin. I know exactly what it is but prefer not to discuss it. At least, not here. It’s heaven, remember.

- I am your son.
- No, you’re not. I don’t have a son.
- Yes, you do. I am your son.
- Then who’s your mother?
- I don’t have any. I wish I know but I don’t.
- Ridiculous. How could you not have a mother?
- I am your son, if only you had married someone!

Oh, that’s a relief. If ONLY. Then, you’re not my son because it didn’t happen and will not happen. And who said anything about meeting people you haven’t met?

- Okay, logically speaking you’re not my son.
- I am your son. This drawing will prove it.

The boy handed me the drawing and I took it quickly. When I looked at the drawing, it was house. With some flowers infront of it. I also see stretch of clouds hiding the sun. A sun with a big smile. That’s funny, I thought.

- That was your drawing, father.
- Stop calling me that. And this is not my drawing.
- Yes, it’s yours.
- Not, it’s not.
- Yes. You drew that for a little girl you’ve met in the hospital years ago. She was an orphan.

Suddenly I remember something. Yes, that little girl in the park. Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The nurse said that she was suffering of heart cancer and has little hope. She is also an orphan.

- You drawn her this to give her hope. You said that she has to be strong and become a fighter. You said to her to never give up hope and believe that good deeds happens to good people. And you said that this is the house that she should build when she’s a grown up. You purposely drew as if you are a kindergarten. You thought that she could relate more to it if it’s a drawing of her same age. And she believed you. You put a smile on her face and more, you give her hope.

- Yes, I remember that.
- Then she started to ask you questions. Questions beyond your imaginary words. She asked you whether you have a house like that and what did you answer?
- I answered, yes.
- And then she asked you again, who is living in that house?
- I replied her only me.
- And what did you say when she ask you why?
- I said, for the time being, yes, there’s only me. But there will be more. I said that I will get married soon and have children.
- And she asked you what’s the name of you first child... Is it a boy or a girl?
- I answered her, I don’t know and I don’t mind. But perhaps a boy who will be just like me.
- And the name of the boy?
- Jimmy Adreal Junior!

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8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 8)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
A Serious Event

The meeting with Lester, it’s a total shock for me. Suddenly I felt so embarrass that I need something to cover off my face. I was lost. I wasn’t the only one and yet I preached to everyone that I WAS. As annoying as it may seems. But honestly, I wasn’t bragging. I didn’t know. Or I don’t want to know. Or I refused to know...
And my other colleagues, what if they know that I wasn’t the only one? Or, have they come to know about this long time ago? This is crazy. I DIDN’T know. That’s the whole point. Surely I will befriend them if I only knew.

Oh wait. I did know. I did realize that they were there. Lester. Yes, I know him. I know he’s been working with Dr. Anderson. I’ve received and read the invitation for the choir practice. Yes, I knew their existence. Then, why did I ignore them? Why did I tell everyone that I was the only one?

- You popped so many questions in your mind as if you are capable of doing something about it.

Arthur, my so-called guardian angel suddenly appears again before me. I hadn’t notice his coming as I was so busy trying to make sense of everything. And Lester, he vanished after answering my last question? Did he come only to make remember that they were there too? A fact of the matter which tries to say that I have been putting too many words on myself that wasn’t true?

- Jim, remember, every person you meet come for a reason. A very big one which implies you and your life before.
- But why now Arthur? Are these people trying to make fun of me? Trying to make me feel bad about myself? There’s nothing I can do about this now. And I feel ashamed even to pray forgiveness for it.
- When did you last feel bad about yourself Jim? Tell me when...

I look at Arthur’s naval face. It’s bright shining skin tone. The clear crystal eyes. The smile of just and fairness. And he is still holding the book.
I couldn’t answer Arthur’s question. I turned around and tried to walk down my memory lane for bits of answer but I felt nothing. Numb. As if I was fenced in a small room with neither door nor window to look out to. As if there’s nothing inside my mind that I can think of. Not even a spark of idea.

I turned again, facing Arthur. I felt empty. I just wish that I could cry. But I couldn’t. I collapsed on my own feet and wrap my hands on my face. It felt heavy and unbearable. The postman, Mandy and now Lester. Who is next?

- Jim, when people die, they left everything they have. You couldn’t take anything with you. There are so many plans for you but you refused to take your call. You ignore your inner self and let alone your world spirit take control of your deepest need. But you have to meet another 5 people Jim. And in this book, you will find great attributes about yourself but be patience because there’s time for everything. Don’t ever open this book until you really feel the need to open it.

Arthur handed me the book and disappear in a blink of an eye.

And I was left again, to meet my fourth person. At that time, I was lying on my back thinking how pathetic my life was.

The Secret

- Father...

I don’t know how long had it been until I heard a voice. A very soft one. Small. Cute. A voice where you can sense smile and warmth. And compassion. And love.

- Father... This is me. Jimmy Adreal Junior.
- Oh what?!

By that time, I was already standing. I saw a little cute boy with a stripe shirt and a short khaki. He’s holding a piece of paper.

- What did you say your name again?
- Jimmy Adreal Junior.
- Oh, I get it. You’re me when I’m little...

I was smiling to myself. Oh, how cute I was. I was a petite boy when I was little. I was shorter than any of my friends. But I was known to them as the little rascal. A planner of disaster with the mind of a criminal. Oh, how funny it was; how disastrous my plan can be.


- Jim, this is too much. You cannot pun a dead chicken with no head hanging on somebody’s door!

Josie, a neighbour of mine said to me when I was about to hand a dead hen filled with blood all over its feathers in front of Mrs. Callet’s house.

- Oh shut up Josie. This is a joke. Mrs. Callet will find it very funny.

A minute after Jim had successfully hung the dead chicken infront of Mrs. Callet’s house, Jim throw little stones towards the door. We could hear the footsteps of Mrs. Callet coming to the door. When she opened the door, I could see her shocked facial expression before felling to the floor. And we thought that was funny but it was not.

She was 89 and she died that instant because of shock. Right there, in front of the door. Despite the fact that the people in our community thought that some bad-crazy people purposely hung the dead chicken in front of Mrs. Callet, we vowed to ourselves, both Josie and I, to never tell anyone the truth. Yes, of course we were scared and feel guilty. And dying was not part of the plan. But we kept silent about it up until now.

We never talk to each other after that. I don’t eat chicken anymore. The idea of being a criminal vanished when I enter secondary school. And for the past elementary years, every night was a nightmare for me.


- No, I’m not the young version of you.

The voice brought me back to my conscious. I was sweating suddenly and the guilt was all over me again. My heart beats faster than before and my legs seem weaker. The thought of being a murderer creeps me to my bone. I have forgotten that incident as if it never happened. And I fell again on the black smoky-cool storey.

(This is not the original Part 8 actually. I've made last minute changes to it.. Hmm... The original Part 8 will replace Part 9 or Part 10 or 11... oh, I don't know... The original Part 8 scares me!)

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8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 7)

Monday, January 18, 2010
Third Person Jim Meets

- Hello... Do you remember me?

A young guy appear before me. A very clean guy, I think he’s a college student or something like that. He’s wearing a grey t-shirt and a seasoned blue jeans. He’s holding a few books.

- Oh you won’t remember me...
- Please, help me recall.
- Well, we first met during Yale’s Open Day in PWTC. You were one of the students in charge of the exhibition.

Yes, Yale did hold an open day in Malaysia long ago. To mainly seek future students from this region. I was, fortunately, the ASIAN Student Council President and was directly involve in the exhibition.

- I was applying for Yale and you gave me the form. And after that I ask for your number, just in case if I am accepted, I might seek help from you.
- I’m sorry. I don’t really recall...
- You borrowed my pen to fill in your visa extension form that day...

Yeah, I remember that. I was so busy. I’ve totally forgotten that I need to renew my student’s visa pass. One of my friends was collecting the form but I have fill up mine yet. And too bad at that time, I don’t have any pen with me.

- I was there Jim. I let you borrow my pen although I was too, busy filling in my form.
- Yeah, I remember that. Thank you very much.
The guy infront of smile. Caressing his hair and stretch out his hand. Shaking me.
- Lester. Lester William.
Lester William? Now why does that name sound awkwardly familiar?
- I was the RA Dr. Anderson...
- No way...
- Yes!

Lester William. A first year student who manage to became the first ever Research Assistant of Dr. Anderson Roystone, a renowned lawyer and a lecturer in Yale Law School. Dr. Anderson had been working on a case which involves animal testing in beauty products which make it a very high profile case. And to be learning first hand from him will definitely be a privilege. Lester is one lucky guy.

- And you’re the third person I have to meet?
- Correct!
- And why is that so?

I noticed that there’s a change in my mode of speaking. Perhaps maybe, because I am infront of a rather successful lawyer, if I may assume.

- Jim, I come as a friend and meeting you isn’t my best interest. I just need to do this because everyone you met in your entire life had been an influence to you whether you noticed it or not. And I happened to be one...
- I figure that out long ago... Please, tell me your side of story of my life.
- I have nothing to say to you my friend. I just need to show myself to you till you yourself figure out why I’m here. Till then, we’ll be stuck here.
- Very well, tell me how you died...
- In case you hadn’t notice, I have leukaemia. I died 3 years after I graduated. I never really went for any legal practice. I stayed in Yale and tutored there, while doing my master. I don’t really like the idea of debating but I’m more into teaching.
- I see...
- And in case you hadn’t notice too, on several occasions, we were together. Student council meeting, Jerry’s birthday remember? The one that we have in the football field? That was awesome.
- Yeah it was...
- Christmas at the embassy 1981, you performed. You sang. I was there. I played the piano.
- Piano?
- Yale Malaysian Students Choir Group. We did invite you but we thought you’re just too busy. You never attended any of our choir practice
- Excuse me, you’re from Malaysia?
- From Sabah, to exact.


Who is Jim?

The only one from Sabah. Infact, the only one from Malaysia.

I was wrong. And I never knew...

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8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 6)

Monday, January 18, 2010
The One Thing Jim Had Forgotten

- Jim, do you believe in heaven?
- I don’t know.
- You used to know. Jim Before, when you were a little kid, you used to draw a big house you called Heaven. It has a bright light surrounding it and God is there. Opening his arm wide to welcome everyone. Then you show it to your mother. Then your father. You said, one day you will go to heaven.

That was long ago. I remember suddenly how I used to sing gospel songs when I was at the church. And when I go to bath, or whenever I was scared or alone. It made feel safe. And protected. Because the angels will sing with you. They will not judge how you sing, as long as you sing it from your heart. It just that, you can’t hear them... or, maybe yes if you listen carefully...

- I used to sing with you almost every day Jim. And I will tell you when you were off key. That’s why you always stop whenever you feel like you were out of the not. Then if you listen carefully with your heart, you will hear me singing in your ears. I don’t mean to judge you, just teaching you to be better.
- I was not a good singer.
- Yes you were. You sang beautifully. But you have forgotten that...

It was an annual event. The Christmas Carol we used to have. I know people are still doing it now but I don’t really pay attention to that anymore. I was too occupied reading cases after cases. It’s a hand full you see. But Christmas had always been my favourite celebration. Yup, until now. I don’t really do much about Christmas during my last days of living but still I love Christmas.


- Jim, it’s your turn.

I was 11. I feel like I’m having a butterfly in my stomach. Cold sweats rushing down from my fore head. I’m not hot. I’m cold. No, I’m not cold. I’m scared. But I want to do this. I’m shy? No, I am not shy. Are those people going to like what they’re about to see?
And there I was, in front of them. Maybe in about 100 men and women. And boys and girls sitting in front. Everyone was quite. I shiverly hold the mic and the next thing I know, the audience are clapping and saying ‘very good’.

I had just sung Oh Holy Night!

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Flood Again - In Our School

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Yes, it happened again. The flood had been going on for years and every years it's like an annual event for us. Although we are ready for it every year, but till when? It's a sad thing for the school communities especially the students. These are some of the photos that I snapped and hope it says something to the authorities.

School Field

In front of the Teachers' Room

Below the classroom

The School's Open Hall

In front of the school compound

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Cross Country - The Photos

Friday, January 15, 2010
Okay, rehat sebentar daripada cerita orang mati ni. Nanti kamu cakap saya suka cerita pasal orang-orang mati sahaja pula.. Hahaha... Cerita tu hanya rekaan semata-mata dan hasil imaginasi saya sendiri. Sirinya suda siap sebenarnya tapi saya rasa lebih baik kalau diupload satu persatu.

Untuk kali ni, saya suka mengongsikan event yang berlaku di sekolah iaitu merentas desa. Buat kesekian kalinya, sekolah menganjurkan Kejohanan Merentas Desa Peringkat Sekolah. These might bring us back to our own experience of participating in a Cross Country and I'm pretty sure, all of us has our own story to tell. I know I have. These are some of the photos that I manage to upload. Take a tour :) These photos are also availabe at Nedelicious Photo Journal

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8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 5)

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Mandy, my crush!

I was sitting under a tree. Reading history. Damn this exam. I hate school so much. I don’t care about exam. Why don’t just make it easier for everyone by letting us pass? Then I saw someone and it caught my attention. A pretty girl who had just passed me. I never saw this girl before. I think she’s new to the school. My eyes followed her as she made her way to her class. Just next to my class, yes! I found out later that her name is Mandy.

- Hello Jim. I have been waiting for you.

Another one waiting for me. Why am I not surprise? But Mandy’s dead?

- Mandy, you’re dead too?

Harsh word I know, but that's the only word that lingers in my mind now.

- Yes. Long time ago.
- What? When? How?
- Slowly Jim. We have all the time we need.

Pardon me, but actually I never had the chance to talk to her. Not even in school when where passed by each other almost every day. I was 17, will be sitting for SPM that year and yes, she’s new to the school. Hearing her voice now seem rather awkward. And when I finally did, we were both dead.

- I know Jim, we never talk to each other. In so many time when we were at school, I want to talk to you but I’m afraid that I’m going to overdo it.
- What do you mean?
- I died 1 year after our SPM exam... I was doing my matriculation at that time.
- What? I didn’t know...
- Yes, you didn’t. You didn’t bother to ask our other friends. I saw you when you receive your flying colours result. You are too occupied with being successful. Your result were outstanding I know but you forgot your promise. I was standing there unnoticed by you.
- I am so sorry Mandy. I....
- It’s okay. I don’t mind but do you still remember your promise?
- Erm.... What promise?
- Oh Jim, you really broke my heart. Your letter. Last day of SPM. You said you are going to meet me when we take our result together.
- Gosh... I am so sorry... I was...
- You were too much of yourself Jim.
- It wasn’t totally my fault. I was so excited.
- That’s very vicious to say. You are not the Jim I heard so much about. Remember Dilla?
- Yeah...
- She told me how you have been asking about me almost all the time and as a girl, I feel honoured because she said that you really like me. But where’s your effort to show that?
- You were playing hard to get...
- I was shy...
- I was all over you. I wrote your everywhere name in my book and Mr. Nadzrie happens to read it. Then I stop writing your name. I told Dilla about it and I bet she told you as well.
- Jim, I am a very plain girl. You can’t possible expect me to get to you first. And yes Dilla told me about that. And why didn’t you try to contact me after the exam?
- How could I? I have no idea where you are...
- If you really like me, you will try to find me. That’s how it goes.
- I know... Tell me Mandy, how did you died?
- Accident. Same as you. I was riding a bike when a car hit me from the back. I was at the hospital, coma for 3 weeks until I finally lost it. It was sad moment but it had to happen. I was so weak. I broke my spinal and cracked my skull. I lost so much blood and my heart was swollen and wounded because of the great impact to the road. I was thrown to the grown you see. It was painful.
- I am so sorry Mandy. It must be hard for you.

It was the Talent Night, an annual event where the students got the chance to showcase their talents. And Mandy was even beautiful that night. And she sings. She sung ‘Think of Me’ the sound track of The Phantom of the Opera. Her lovely voice, she’s like the school’s song bird. Oh, how I fell for her.

Think of me,
Think of me fondly,
When we’ll say goodbye.

Remember me,
Once in a while,
Please promise me you’ll try...

- You are the reason I was so enthusiastic to go to school. And I heard you are a smart student so I tried so hard to be one too. I never knew studying could be fun. And hard at times. I don’t like school and I don’t like books even. But it’s you Mandy. It’s because of you I am who I am now. I mean, before. Not now...Not here..
- But you changed Jim. You use to be very cheerful. Considerate. Very kind. You’re a funny guy. You liked me...
- The moment that I know I can succeed in my studies was the moment I need to focus for a better goal Mandy...
- I know Jim. Just don’t forget where you are from...

I guess it’s too late for that now. Too late for everything. Yes, I used to like you but I need to achieve my dreams. And yes, it’s all thanks to you. The crush I have had for you made me what I am now.

The next thing I know, Mandy is gone...

And Arthur is standing there with a book...

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8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 4)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Who is Jim?

Jimmy Adreal Simba, First Class LLB, Yale Law School.

How proud I was.

The only one from Sabah. Infact the only one from Malaysia.

I hate school and I almost dropped out. I realized my dream when I was Form 5. Moral of the story, it’s never too late to start something.

I am my own boss. I own a Legal firm based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I represent mostly real estate company and the money is good.

I am single. No girlfriend. I am not gay!

I own a Golden Retriever named Alex.

I hate golf.

My definition of rest is sleep.

I have two cars. A Porsche and a Hummer!

I don’t go to clubs. I don’t go to pubs.

I love fencing.

I drink coffee when I’m working but not for breakfast. I love Chipsmore. I think it is delicious.

I have a mansion I call The Address. It has 7 bed rooms, a pool and a pool table. I also have a mini cinema for me to watch the news.

I am the only child in the family. My parents have long gone.

I enjoy travelling. But my favourite place, I have to say, Egypt.

Do business partners count as friends?

I am 39 years of age when I died. And I am rich.

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8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 3)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
The First Person Jim Meets

- Hello Jim.
- Hello...?
I was at home. Yeah. My home when I was 19. I can smell the wooden structure of my house. And my mother’s cooking. I can smell my father blowing smoke of his cigar. I look around but I see nobody.
- At ease Jim, relax. You’re in good hand.
- Who are you? Where am I?
- Clearly Jim, this is your house when you’re 19. You’re still living with your parents remember. And me, oh, you don’t know me. I don’t know you too. Not until I die. I have been waiting for you.
- Waiting for me? Wanting me dead?
- Don’t be confused my friend. I can wait forever for you. In utmost of my concern, I never wanted you to die, but yes, sooner or later, we will.
- Who are you?
- Let us sit down Jim and I will explain to you.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, two chairs appeared before us.
- Common, help yourself.
The man sits and looks at me. Direct to the eyes. I decided to stand.
- On your own good time, you will sit my friend. I’m here, as ordered, as the first person who will tell you the first part of your life. Happened to me when I die and now, my obligation is to wait for you. And trust me, you will too.
- What is this about? It’s cracking my head.
- Oh well, let me begin. My name is Stan and I am a postman. See this uniform. I was the guy who sent you the letter of acceptance to Yale. See it in your mind?
Then the image holds before me. It was 20 years ago. I was sitting down, reading newspaper. My mom was cooking and father was sitting while puffing his cigar. A man knocked at the door and I opened it.
- I remember you. You were the guy...
- Indeed I am. I was the guy who gave you the letter. You see Jim, being a postman is not easy. Early that morning, my boss and I had a big quarrel. He accused me of stealing a cheque that I have never seen before. But it was like any other day. I didn’t bother much because I know I didn’t steal the cheque. I remember that your big letter was the last letter I have to deliver that day. Right before that, my boss called and said that the police are looking for me. I panicked although I know, I was innocent. My boss said that I need to return the cheque or otherwise I’ll be in prison. I wanted to run away. Those days, your boss is your master. When they accuse you of something, you are guilty of it.
That is the time I sit.
- But you weren’t guilty. I remember watching television that night and the news said that your boss went bankrupt.
- Yes, true. Besides being the boss of our delivery company, he owns an entertainment club. He tried to run from bankruptcy and accused me of stealing his cheque. But remember Jim, this isn’t about me. This is about you.
- Yes...
- So you see Jim, I was riding my bike as usual and as stupid as I was that day, I did try to run away. But I remember the last letter which was yours. It’s very hard to make decision at that time but I know, I have to give you the letter. In a rush, I rode the bike to fast that I fell and bruised myself. But I went to your house anyway.
- Yeah, that explains the blood in your foot.
- Jim, despite the fact that I was in trouble, I came to you delivering something that you really need at that time. No, this isn’t about me. But Jim, you never really appreciate people who come and go in your life. You took them for granted. All you care was yourself. Nothing more that yourself and your ambition. But people struggled for you yet you didn’t care. Far from giving them a sense of appreciation. Remember the little girl who was in the park? The one who found your wallet? She saw you dropped the wallet. She picked the wallet and ran to you. Did you say thank you? No you didn’t. And do you know what happened to that little girl after she gave you your wallet? She was accidently abandoned by her parents who thought she was at the back of their car and was raped because she was lost.
At that point, I was shocked. I remember that incident close to my head. I was about to pay for my flight ticket and if it wasn’t for that girl, I could never have flown to US. I didn’t even care to say thanks and ask her where’s her parents.
- So you see my friend, everyone who comes in our life play a very important role in shaping where we’re heading.
- Oh I am sorry, I didn’t know...
- It’s okay... The girl is okay now. She’s a policewoman because of you. See how you play an impact towards other people lives.
Then the man disappears. When I still need to ask questions, he disappears. But then, I felt guilty and worthless. All this while, I thought I have been helping people. But I didn’t seem to notice how others are helping me too.
- So how was your first meeting?
Out of nowhere, Arthur suddenly stands by my side.
- Educating.
- Good. You’re learning.
- But why now? Why not when I was still alive?
- One step at a time my friend. One step at a time. You will meet your second person now.
Then a figure of a lady appears. Black long shiny hair. White dress. 2 inches heels. Singing. Very beautiful voice.... “think of me, think of fondly when we’ll say goodbye...
- Mandy!

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8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 2)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
The Beginning

It was dark. And I think I’m standing alone. I didn’t know where I was until a light suddenly flashed and a very bright being stand in front of me. She (I think) stood and watched me for a minute. Smiling.
- You have no idea where you are, don’t you?
- Who are you? Where am I?
- You are at the gate of heaven...
- What? Come again...?
- Just a while ago, your car crashed because you were sleepy. And then you’re here...
- Excuse me?
- Oh I forgot. You were always this slow. I watched you every day since the first day you were born.
- Right. And who are you again?
- I am your Guardian Angel, Jim.
- I’m sorry. I really need to attend a meeting now. I don’t know who you are and if you don’t mind showing me the way back to my car, please...
- You died 5 minutes ago!
And that was the joke of the day. Dead. Right. Like hello, I am late now. I am on my way to a meeting. A very important one. Been looking forward to this meeting since 3 months ago. A development project. Safe one. Will not ruin the environment. Will give the community work. Will give the town a boost in architecture. Common, I’m late. Just show me my way back.
- Oh Jim, I know you’re slow but not stupid. Look around you. What can you see? Nothing. You are practically dead!
- Then why am I here talking to you when I am supposedly dead?
- Like I said, I am your guardian angel
I looked at the face of the bright being. Angel huh? The where are the wings?
- How low is your mind now Jim? Certainly you know that not all of us appear to you with wings.
- I don’t have time for this. Please, just show me the way back to my car. I pay u.
- You are a changed man, Jim. Long time ago, you are not a man you are now. Let me show you what happened to you just now.
And at a blink of an eye, I saw myself lying on the road. Thick blood coming out from my head and chest. My car crashed to a nearby hill. Not long after, people started to stop their cars. Looking at me terrified. I hear people calling the police. And I also hear scream of sacredness. Now I remember. I was sleepy and tired and stressed. I remember the accident. But I was alive. I managed to go out of the car. But that was it. And everything seems different after that.
- What you see now is yourself. You are now dead, Jim. Don’t worry though. You’re body will be taken care of.
- It couldn’t be. I’m young. I’m not ready for this.
- Things aren’t as you wished it to be. And it could happen at the least time you expect it to be.
- But why can’t I feel pain? Why am I not sad?
- Oh Jim... how naive you are now. You used to know that death is like sleeping. You don’t feel anything.
At that point I know the claim-to-be my guardian angel is telling the truth.
- My name is Arthur, your guardian angel. I know all things about you. ALL.
I look around me. Suddenly it’s dark again and I can only see Arthur. He’s beautiful and moderately a figure of a woman, but I was wrong. He says that his name is Arthur and that’s a guy’s name.
- Don’t worry about my name Jim. Whether you like it or not, you’re dead but this is not the end for you. You are going to meet 8 people you’ve encountered in your life before you move to next stage.
- What 8 people? What next stage?
- Patience’s a virtue Jim. One thing at a time.
This is confusing. 8 people? Next stage? I’m dead?
- Some of the people you are going to meet played an important stage in your life. You might not recall them but they did play a very crucial part in your life. They have been waiting for you.
Oh sure, they want me dead. How awesome is that...
- Often in your life, you questions how things doesn’t go your way. How confused you were at times and how wrong your life was. These people will be explaining to you bits by bits until you realize what your life was really like and come to understand it. This is important before you move to the next stage.
- What next stage? What for?
- You will see Jim. This is the first person you are going to meet.
Then it was cloudy and cold. Soft wind blew and I felt like I was flying. Then I saw a man. He’s in uniform carrying a sling bag. Walking slowly approaching me.

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8 People You Are Going To Meet In Heaven (Part 1)

Monday, January 11, 2010
The Induction

From your first cry as a baby, many had come into your life. They come for a reason sometimes reasons. And yes, they come in season, maybe once or twice of a lifetime or maybe one you see and meet everyday. Sometimes, you know it and sometimes, you just won't realized it.

These people might stay long or short, giving us either big or small impact of our life. But they did put their influence on us, whether or not we realize it.
They have come to support us through a difficulty , to give us with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Now, each and every single person we meet in this world come for a reason. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When one is in your life for a cause, it is typically to meet a need you have put acrossed.

They may seem like a godsend, a guardian angel and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away, leaving us not knowing what to do. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

This is my version of the 8 people you are going to meet in Heaven. My idea of heaven is only imaginary as all people and all religions have their own ways of putting heaven to definition. Mine is just mine and doesn't reflect the true motion of heaven as in generic terms. This writing is inspired by Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet In Heaven.

(to be continued)

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