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Suddenly, I wish I have one of these...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Yup, I am so into 4Ws. I like the space, Ilike the feeling of being in it and foremost, I like it. Hahaha... recently, I develop a habbit of admiring cars and wish that it was mine. These are some of my favourite...

This is one of my favourite eye catching car... Prado King .. hehehe

I can only wish I can have this...
Nice kan....

Ni pun best juga ba... 3.0 Dmax limited edition... huhuhu...
Silver metalic, one of the teacher in my school has this... sudah kena test drive lagi kunun...

Ni pun buli tahan tapi the color only look good when it shine... Jadi perlu polish selalula...

I used to drive this kind of car before... But after that incident, it's all gone... The moment I woke up to reality, suddenly I lost 'my' fortuner babe....

Nevetheless, any of this beautiful 'ladies' will do.. Lagipun enjin yang paling penting bah... hehehe... and how it consume gas nowadays....
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The Stories of My Raya 2008!

Monday, October 13, 2008
Ok, these three entries are mainly about how I spent my Raya. Not in detail that is. I believe pictures/photos speak thousand words. Moreover, it's Raya we're talking about. I'm sure everyone knew what is it all about..

So these are the three entries.. Hope you guys will feel the excitement or refreshed the feeling of being in one, as much as I do...
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Raya @ School!

Monday, October 13, 2008
Nda buli penuh sangat, nanti mo second round lagi ni...

Juadah wajib... Hehehe

Ada guru-guru yang baik hati p bawa open house diorang p skul ba ni...

Nasib ada lagi tinggal...

Actually, I was late. That's why the tray seems empty... huhuhu
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Raya @ Defoo's

Monday, October 13, 2008
Ok, si Alvin cakap baju mesti mo kasi tingu...
Nah, ni dia si Alvin p poco-poco...

Laku ni oh Alvin kalau sa p jual... apalagi dengan pose begini...hehehe..

Ok, ibu2 bapa2 adik2, begini mo poco-poco...

Layan kenyang... Sambil menikmati hiburan..

Before taking our leave, Alvin minta cuz dia snap dulu... heheheheh... Anyway, thx for the invitation Alvin ah. Although, kami sampai a bit late, tapi dia tetap melayan kami bagai menatang minyak yang penuh, hahaha.. Nampak sangat kepenatan tapi dia tetap maintain...
thx again bro...

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My Raya!

Monday, October 13, 2008
My mom, my nephew Kiki, niece Amy, my elder bro, niece Nanang, my bro's wife, nephew Khai, nephew Leng and cousin Hars

Macam di atas juga cuma kali ni sa ada, Hars teda... hahahaha

Love this photo - didn't tell Khai what to do, but he did work it...

My niece (Amy, Nanang, Khai)

My elder bro, my mom and my bro's wife
(can't call her sis-in-law because she's younger than me)

Ned and Hars (first time wearing baju melayu to a shopping complex, huhuhu)
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Cherrylin aka Coco's Wedding Day!

Thursday, October 09, 2008
First of all, we were supposed to attend this wedding by wearing pink. It's an idea we can say no to. We wanted to look as a team and as one of Coco's best group of friends. And yup, as you can see, this photo was one amongst dozens which proving the otherwise.

Coco is one of The Elparanza. She's the second one to marry after Tang, hehehe... I'll be uploading other photos when I got the time. Now, I really have to rush doing other things. Lets just say that this is a good brainstorming.... hehehe..

Above photos are from the left Hars, Coco, Joe (dia mo tapau tu chivas tapi coco bilang nda buli, hahaha) and of course, me yang berpeluh after a round of poco-poco...

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Dearly Beloved Vero 100th Day of RIP...

Thursday, October 09, 2008
These are amongst the family member of our dearluy beloved Vero. The mother and father greeted us with a smile but we can sense that it's hiding the sadness and lost of their beloved daughter. The two little sisters were pretty much entertaining.. Although, I know they don't really understand what had happened but I prayed for their good life. I saw so much of Vero in both of them and deep in my heart, I wished things will be good for this family.

Browsing down the memory lane by looking re-running the photo albums really got us that time. Going through the photos one by one really made us feeling sad and lost. We tried to smile most of the time and trying to potray genuine strenght for the family, as promised, but I don't know. Maybe the really feeling was that, we felt the lost of the family.

We stayed there about 3 hours. We pretty much a family actually. We're closed and when things like this happened, the bond grew stronger and we learn to appreciate the friendship and love we have. These people are among the closest friends during Uni years. We tried to cheer the family up by sharing every-now-and-then moments with the family but I guessed things weren't as what we planned it to be. I understand, personally.

Then we made our way to the grave yard. At that time, I felt my heart pounding again. I just can't believe that one of my best friends had gone to the Lord. Reaching the place, I felt the sadness in all of us, especially the mom. I am so sorry that such a nice family have to face this kind of lost. I am so sorry that bad things always happened to good people.
I hope the family is doing good now. I often saw the siblings whenever I pass Tambalugu. The mother will text me from time to time. Before we made our way back, she said, " Jangan lupa datang tahun depan kalau mau simen sudah tu kuburan ah..."
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